Saturday, July 25, 2009

The fog ruins photos

I wanted to see what these were, so I shot them and checked when I got home. The geese are already done raising their goslings, so the ducks are now everywhere.
Notice how there is nothing, just nothing, in the background. The fog does that in the sunlight.
It's interesting how the rising mist is invisible to me, but not to my camera. Most of my photos were ruined.
The further away the kayakers got, the more the pictures were whitened by the fog.
Most of the time, there was no blue sky at all, but the sun was working its way through.
I love mirror type shots of the water, but I had to wait an hour for the sun to burn through enough to make them.
Even then, the clouds hung over the river. My face was slightly burned by the sun and fog. How strange, especially after a whole week of working in a windowless room!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Gosh, the river is pretty in July.

It's beginning to get low, and that give us more places to go.
A whole new set of tree trunks hang onto the spillover after each big storm.
The lush greeness is going over to a golden tinge. A mirrored surface is a sure sign of peaceful weather.
And if you want lonely coolness, you have to find the feeder creeks and work your way up, towards the source. Stay away from the city neighborhoods, and watch for the bugs!