Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Rte 352 Fishing Access Site, So. Corning, NY

I finally found the Fishing Access site on Rte 352 just below South Corning. We call it the River Road, because it follows the Chemung all the way from Elmira to Corning.

It's a miserably cold and dark day in December. There isn't even enough snow this year to brighten things. Everything is mud, mud, mud.Not much of a fishing spot when the water is high. Just some stairs to the bank. Behind me is a tiny turn-around area for cars, but no real parking lot.
The view upriver towards Corning, New York proper. A pretty bleak view, considering the parks and waterfront district to be found in that town. But then, fishing loves solitude.

Downriver towards Elmira, New York. The water is very high and very swift. One could easily lose a fisherman here.

And this is my reaction to such desolation.

Little Pond

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