Saturday, February 23, 2008

It wasn't an especially pretty morning, but I needed the exercise, so I went back to Newtown Creek to see how she looked in the winter. Rather Bleah, I'm afraid.It's running very fast for a "little" creek, and I'm glad I didn't bring the HuggaMutt. She would want to explore as close to the water as possible, because that's where the river rats and ground hogs hide.
Everywhere I wanted to go was clogged thicket. This is not a heavily traveled area this time of year. Comparison shots for the summer visit were impossible, since the creek was much, much higher than it was last year.
The sun shone briefly a couple of times, and the pictures were a little more cheering. This looks towards the Chemung River. I doubt there were fishermen. The season opens in April, and the creek is too high even for those skilled at hiding themselves.
Did I mention it was flowing very, very fast?
That makes for a very frigid, very muddy place to drown. I have to wonder about it's year-round human denizens.

Do they dare bathe? I've found clothing and kit articles around here in other seasons. I do not doubt that our homeless find a little corner of Eden here.

Too bad the winters can be so harsh. I'm glad we have shelters for them in town. Almost all of the street people are very nice, personable. For a while there, we had a spate of murders that really cut down their numbers. A person who walks downtown would definitely notice the drop. All remain unsolved, at least officially.

We will return in the Spring for a new look.

Little Pond

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