Thursday, June 12, 2008

Practically in the heart of Elmira, NY

To the visitors from the blog, welcome to RiverHag's main site. You may recognize the name of the owner of these fields, the Janowski family. Their farm goes way, way back in time, at least to the beginning of the last century.
Nearly all the land that is now the Gateway area of the Chemung River used to be part of their farmland. Of course the various floods changed the topography again and again, but it was still the Janowski's until the Army Corps of Engineers turned it into a protected area.
I don't know if they also owned Jones Island, pictured here. Lately, we can cross the river onto the island, if we don't mind getting our feet wet.

These sights are all accessible from the levee on the south side of the Chemung River. I park in a shady spot along Brand Park, or sometimes at the Fishing and Boating Access near Dunn Field. The levee goes way, way south, where the RiverDog and I have not even begun to explore.

Little Pond

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