Monday, September 8, 2008

I went alone to visit Newtown Creek on Labor Day and had such a good time, that I invited the HuggaMutt the very next day.
Everything is misty and gray at first, but it all burns off by about 10 o'clock. We still aren't able to cross the darned trestle on our own. Can't stand the gaps in the beams.
The creeks never stops looking gorgeous. Unfortunately, we met a lone person who was wandering through the woods.

We did not follow suit. I don't carry a weapon, and I am not able to defend myself. Ellie might, but then, she would probably attack anyone that scared me.

That wouldn't be fair. The bugginess of our whole adventure lingered for days afterwards, and that made me glad we didn't venture far into the vegetation.

I now have gnat and mosquito bites all over my face and neck and even behind my ears. Naturally they are on my legs and arms too, but that is the cost of doing business at the end of the summer.

Little Pond


Granny J said...

The stranger in the woods is more than a bit scary; Not being a driver, I don't get to our woods much. My equivalent experience is running into a stranger in an ally; allies are one of my favorite places for small town photography!

pb said...

Two worries:

Ellie will react to my being startled, and bite someone.

Or the person may have a weapon and hurt either of us when she reacts.

Otherwise, I just sort of wave a greeting, and we move on.