Sunday, October 19, 2008

Saw my first osprey!

Did my usual number with Ellie. This time we went to the southside levee to walk along the concrete river wall. It had been cleared of absolutely all brush, a few weeks ago.

The north side was not cleared, but--very unfortunately!--many of my favorite trees are now gone. The NYDEA has been forced to remove any trees within 15 feet of the levees. I took a few pictures that I will post later this week.

I finally saw and identified an osprey. It was huge and we saw it long before we were close enough to shoot a picture. I got a couple of shots, but it was so far away.

It started circling the area just below the spillway, wheeled upwards, hovered a split second, then plummeted straight down into the river. It did not skim the water; it dropped underwater and out of sight. It came right back up. I didn't see a fish, but it must have had one, because it then followed upstream along the bank and out towards West Hill.

The bird was very large with dark feathers on top and whitish on the belly. Wide enough wingspan that I was sure it was an eagle until I saw the coloration.

Just like the eagles, though, it wasn't interested in sitting for a portrait.

Little Pond

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