Sunday, April 6, 2008

Early April at Newtown Creek

One more try to get a photo from the railroad trestle. Without the dog, I can light trip across the beams and take some pictures from the other side of the creek.No such luck. I am terrified of the height, at least as afraid as Ellie was. I stop, frozen on the spot, and will have to take pictures from here. I can see the path that everyone, especially fishermen, must take at the other end, but...
I am way too afraid of the height. This is not a photo of the sky. What you see is the reflectionof the sun and clouds through the trees above the water of the creek. I can barely move enough to get off the darned bridge.
Underneath is another story. I absolutely love the grafitti here, but it is too offensive to photograph. Suffice to say that it is a bunch of racial and misogynistic and anti-law enforcement crap that is so badly misspelled that it points up the low-class ignorance of the authors.
Well, for heaven's sake, it's almost pretty. Not quite, though.
A pair of wood ducks in a small swampy inlet next to the Chemung itself.
And finally, a caution to anyone interested in walking down by the creek itself. It is very swampy. Wear waterproof hiking boots. Someday I'm bringing a brave soul with me to take my hand and walk me across the trestle to the other path...blindfolded, of course.

Little Pond

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