Saturday, April 19, 2008

Just a little spot that would be perfect for fishing. There are tracks all over this place that look at first glance like a cat's. But the nails are sticking out like a dog's. What would that be?
This tangle will completely hide the shore the next time I return to the Gateway area. I love the tangles, because they shelter the banks from the hot summer sun that intensifies as it comes off the water.
In this photo we can barely see the city of Elmira and its bridges. Behind me is the strand of woodland, and behind that is a power substation, Route 352, and The Kennedy Valve plant.
Same spot, looking southwest with Dunne field in distance, upper right.
This is Newtown Creek, looking west to the Chemung River. Because I am acrophobic, I cannot cross the former railroad trestle to get to the water in the top center. Maybe someday, if I can con someone into visiting the creek with me.
Right now I am delightfully alone, and able to catch a picture of a lone duck, who also thinks he is delightfully alone. He is already quacking in photo, just noticing me as I snap the shot. He then moves on, complaining loudly.
I had hoped that by now (April 15th) there would be lots of greenery, and a chance to plow my way to the River. In fact, I do follow some of the already trodden paths. Unfortunately, there is so much dry knotweed reeds, it is difficult to find my way. And all the feeder creeks are still swollen, making some areas impassable.

Maybe later.

Little Pond

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