Sunday, January 4, 2009

Just before the extreme cold

Foster Pond was already freezing up, with no real connection to the Chemung, the inlet a complete block of ice. Got worse with the ensuing cold last week.
I wanted a fancy, artistic shot from under the bridges, but gave up when I got nothing but battleship gray and cloudy skies. Hate to prefer only the best weather, but frankly this looks cold and destitute.
Even my beloved trees are falling down, one by one. This is the work of the New York Department of Environmental Concervation. The trees are hugging the levee, and must go.

I am going to miss them.


Granny J said...

That is what happens to trees that Don't Behave.

pb said...


but some of these trees behaved themselves for over 100 years. Back at the beginning of the 20th Century they were all on Jankowski's farm. One by one, though, they will be gone.