Saturday, January 24, 2009

My lovely muse beckoned.

It's eleven o'clock in the morning and the shadows are incredibly long.

But the Chemung River is frozen over, with only deer tracks going completely across. I was itching to try to walk it.
And I did. Here we are looking upriver, west.

Look at the ice crunching up around the water intakes. Hope the pipes run really deep.

Finally a view downriver, towards the bridges of our tiny city.
BTW, I never could dredge up the courage to attempt to cross to the other bank. Never did I hear the ice crack or groan, but I'm still too scared, anyway, knowing that a fall through the ice would spell certain death.


Granny J said...

Beautiful pictures, as ever, of a beautiful sight, Pat. I can imagine the temptation to cross over -- and the fear as well. I know I would have chickened out.

pb said...

Veggie girl tells of crossing when she was tiny. We DID have a totally frozen river a few times. This week, however, HuggaMutt and I went to our favorite haunt just downriver of the the city, and the water flowed freely, and fast, between the frozen parts.